Michael A. Oostman

Michael has been intimately involved in lifeguarding and aquatic safety consulting for more than 20 years beginning as a lifeguard in Naperville, Illinois at Centennial Beach. This six year experience was initiated by his competitive swimming background and opened the door to a career in aquatic safety consulting with the firm of Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc.

Areas of Specializations

  • Industry standards
  • Biomechanical Factors
  • Adequacy of warnings and instructions
  • Lifeguarding procedures and protocols
  • Evaluation of aquatic facilities
  • Evaluation of lifeguards
  • Scanning vigilance
  • Slide inspections
  • Risk management procedures
  • Guarded and non-guarded operations
  • Waterparks, swimming pools, lakes, ocean front swimming operations
  • Drowning investigations
  • Factual debriefing and stress debriefing for lifeguard and staff members
  • Site plan review and recommendations for aquatic facilities

Litigation Support Services

  • Initial consultation regarding merit of case
  • On-site inspection and forensic accident reconstruction
  • Insight and support into strategies and theories of the case
  • Assistance throughout the discovery phase with interrogatories and deposition preparation
  • Author reports and opinions
  • Providing expert witness testimony for deposition and trail
  • Biomechanical factors
  • Adequacy of warnings and instructions